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The Hot Sauce Project #2 – Hatch and Habanero Hot Sauce

In late summer in Texas almost every grocery store carries the delicious New Mexican Hatch Valley Chile. You can find it freshly roasted out front in a rotary furnace, in salsa, or used in a variety of dishes at the indoor deli. They are really versatile chiles and can be frozen and used year round on everything from burgers to enchiladas.

This year I decided to try another hot sauce project using Hatch chiles and a fairly simple fermentation formula. After blending the chiles, the flavor was really good – heat forward with a slightly smokey, shallot-to-onion flavor. I really liked the fresh, vibrant taste of the mash, but I didn’t think it was hot enough to withstand the mellowing of the fermentation. Plus, I felt a chile like the habanero would round out the heat from front to back.

Here is the formula and the plan:

– 15:1 Hatch chiles to habanero’s with and end concentration of 2.5% Redmond Real Salt (unrefined mineral sea salt). I used about 1500 grams of fresh Hatch chiles.

– Blended with seeds and packed into sterile fermentation jars.

– Allow natural fermentation for 1 month at room temperature then combine with vinegar for 2 to 4 weeks before straining and bottling.

More to follow!

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