Fifty years later, you will still find the influences of Texas heritage cooking, but it will be married with much thicker steaks and Gulf seafood. Open fire cooking, direct coal barbeque, off-set smokers are now paired with sous vide and The Smoking Gun. The armadillo is safe in my backyard for the moment.

Whereas wine was an afterthought in the past it forms a fundamental element of Texas hill country food today. With over 80 wineries and 2 million visitors a year to our area – 2nd only to Napa in wine regions – the influence of wine is immeasurable.

I come from a long line of storytellers. The “McCoy Boys” as my father’s brothers were called never let facts get in the way of a good story but loved telling the events of their childhood and of life on the farms and ranches of Central Texas. If they were alive today, they would look on with disbelief concerning the population growth and tourism – along with the land prices – of the farms and ranches of their youth.


But some things never change – like the glorious sunsets and night skies full of stars. It is a tradition on Morris Ranch that one never misses a sunset and it serves as a time for us to pay homage to the beauty that is Texas.

I hope you find your visit here fun and entertaining as you get to experience a bit of life in the Texas hill country and enjoy food and drink with my family and friends,