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So when it comes to guacamole, I am a simple person. Finding exactly the ripe avocados, incorporating only a minimal of ingredients, and making sure you salt correctly – this is probably the perfect appetizer. Yes, I am one of those people that filters through the pile of avocados in the produce section: poking and prodding every one until I find the few that I need. I am not one that buys an unripe avocado and hopes for the best – it is just not worth it. The sublime texture that you get from a ripe fruit is something that cannot be recreated and it is worth waiting for.

I also don’t believe in doing anything that takes away from the celebration of the avocado. So, in my version, you will find only things that support the frame of the dish.

This exercise starts with the use of a traditional Mexican mortar and pedestal called a molcajete. I will include a link at the bottom of the post, but this volcanic rock cooking implement not only works as the best prep tool but it looks good at service too. Use it to grind your roasted jalapeños into a paste and then to injure your fresh yellow onions. And when you are finished serve it up with fresh tortilla chips straight from the vessel. Here is a tip you won’t find many places, but when you are done wash it under the sink and place it in a hot oven and then turn off the power. It will dry and be ready for the next time you want guacamole.

4 fresh avocados (check for ripeness by looking for those that lightly compress when squeezed)

1 jalapeño, roasted on an open flame, then peeled and seeded

1/2 finely chopped yellow onion

lime juice


freshly ground pepper

1/2 pint fresh cherry tomatoes

Mash the jalapeño in the molcajete until you have a smooth paste. For less heat, you can use half the pepper. Wash the diced yellow onion under running water in a strainer and then blot dry. Gently bruise the onion in the molcajete. Add the cleaned avocados and crush with the pedestal but be cautious to not over do it. Incorporate the lime juice, salt, and pepper to taste – don’t be stingy on the salt – and then mix with a spoon until smooth. Dice all but a few of the tomatoes into a course dice and incorporate. Slice the remaining tomatoes for garnish on top. Although not included in this version, cilantro is a nice touch if you enjoy the flavor.

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Dan McCoy