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Where to Buy Texas Hill Country Olive Oil

You’ve got several great options to snag some Texas Hill Country Olive Oil. You can shop online for a selection of award-winning olive oils right from the comfort of your home, or hit up local retailers in the Texas Hill Country area for that extra virgin goodness. If you’re up for a more interactive experience, farmers markets around Austin offer a chance to support local businesses and taste the premium oils firsthand. There are also special events and tastings at the Dripping Springs location for a deeper insight into the olive oil world.

And if you’re looking to keep your kitchen stocked, consider an Olive Oil Subscription Service for a culinary adventure delivered to your door. With so many ways to discover these artisanal oils, you’re just a step away from elevating your cooking game.

Key Takeaways

  • Available at local retailers throughout the Texas Hill Country area, including specialty food stores and gourmet markets.
  • Purchase directly from farmers markets in and around Austin for a chance to sample and support local businesses.
  • Authorized retailers listed on the official website offer genuine Texas Hill Country Olive Oil products.
  • Special events and tastings held at the Dripping Springs location provide opportunities to buy and learn more about the oils.
  • Olive Oil Subscription Services, like the Best Fresh Club, deliver hand-selected premium oils directly to your door.

Online Store Overview

Exploring the Texas Hill Country Olive Co.’s online store, you’ll find a selection of award-winning olive oils available in various sizes, perfect for enhancing your culinary creations. These high-quality oils, including the prized extra virgin variety, are all locally sourced from the lush Texas Hill Country region, ensuring a fresh and authentic taste you can’t find just anywhere. Whether you’re in need of a 250ml bottle for personal use or a 500ml size for more extensive cooking, their online store caters to your specific needs with ease.

Purchasing olive oil from the Texas Hill Country Olive Co. online store isn’t just about convenience; it’s about experiencing the rich, robust flavors that only come from meticulously crafted, award-winning oils. Ideal for gift purchases as well, these olive oils make thoughtful presents for food enthusiasts in your life who appreciate the essence of quality and locality in their ingredients. Browsing their online store, you’ll appreciate the seamless process, from selection to check-out, making it easier than ever to bring a piece of Texas Hill Country’s finest into your kitchen.

Local Retailers List

After experiencing the convenience of the online store, you might also want to check out local retailers in the Texas Hill Country area that carry these exceptional olive oil products. Locally produced extra virgin Texas Hill Country Olive Oil isn’t only a staple in kitchens for its flavor but also for its quality and health benefits. By visiting specialty food stores, gourmet markets, and gift shops across the region, you’ll find a selection of these fine olive oils.

To make your search easier, the company’s website lists authorized retailers near you. This guarantees you’re purchasing genuine products directly from sources that have a partnership with Texas Hill Country Olive Oil. Some of these authorized retailers may also host tasting events or offer promotions, giving you a perfect opportunity to sample the oils before making a purchase.

Supporting local businesses is essential, and by buying Texas Hill Country Olive Oil from these authorized retailers, you’re contributing to the local economy. It’s a win-win situation where you enjoy high-quality, locally produced olive oil while helping to sustain the businesses in your community.

Farmers Markets Schedule

You can find Texas Hill Country Olive Co. products at various farmers markets in and around Austin, where they frequently set up booths to sell their olive oils and balsamic vinegars. These markets aren’t just places to buy groceries; they’re opportunities to directly support local businesses like Texas Hill Country Olive Co. By visiting these booths, you get the chance to sample the rich flavors of their premium olive oils and balsamic vinegars before deciding to purchase. It’s a sensory experience that online shopping just can’t match.

To stay updated on where and when Texas Hill Country Olive Co. will be at farmers markets in the Austin area and surrounding areas, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on their website or follow them on social media. They regularly post their upcoming dates and locations, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to stock up on your favorite olive oils and vinegars. Farmers markets offer the perfect setting to explore the full range of Texas Hill Country Olive Co. products, engage with the people behind the brand, and even pick up some usage tips and recipe ideas directly from the source.

Special Events and Tastings

While farmers markets offer a taste of Texas Hill Country Olive Co.’s products, their special events and tastings at the Dripping Springs location provide an even deeper insight into the world of olive oils and balsamic vinegars. These gatherings aren’t just about sampling; they’re an opportunity to explore the heart of Texas gourmet products, from the rich, fruity olive oils to the tangy, sweet balsamic vinegars.

You’ll get to meet the passionate makers behind these high-quality products, offering you a behind-the-scenes look at the olive oil production process. It’s a chance to inquire, hear stories, and understand the craftsmanship that goes into every bottle.

Attending these special events and tastings is more than just a day out; it’s an immersive experience. It allows you to uncover new flavors and learn how to incorporate them into your cooking. Whether you’re a foodie, a home chef, or just someone who appreciates fine, artisanal products, these events at the Dripping Springs location promise to enrich your culinary repertoire with the best of Texas Hill Country Olive Co.’s olive oils and balsamic vinegars.

Corporate Gifting Options

Texas Hill Country Olive Co. offers a variety of corporate gifting options that are perfect for impressing clients and coworkers alike. If you’re looking for a unique way to show appreciation, their selection of award-winning olive oils and gourmet products provides a distinctive choice. The company specializes in extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars, delivering a taste of Texas directly to your recipients.

With their white glove service, you can rest assured that every detail of your corporate gifting needs will be handled with care and precision. This seamless and personalized experience makes it effortless to send out gifts, whether you’re looking to congratulate a team on a job well done or thank a client for their business.

Customizable gift sets and bundles are readily available, allowing you to tailor your gifts to specific tastes and occasions. Whether you opt for a robust blend of Texas olive oil or a delicate balsamic, each gift set is curated to showcase the best that Hill Country Olive Company has to offer. These gourmet products aren’t only a pleasure to receive but also reflect well on your company, offering a sophisticated and thoughtful gesture that stands out.

Olive Oil Subscription Services

After exploring corporate gifting options, consider the Best Fresh Club Subscription Box from Texas Hill Country Olive Co. for a personal journey through the world of olive oils. This unique subscription box is your ticket to regularly experiencing new and unique varieties of premium quality olive oils. As the top-selling olive oil company in Texas, Texas Hill Country Olive Co. is renowned for its award-winning selection, including the sought-after Extra Virgin and Miller’s Blend Extra Virgin olive oils.

By subscribing, you’re signing up for a culinary adventure that brings the best of Texas Hill Country Olive’s offerings right to your doorstep. Each box is curated with care, ensuring you get to enjoy the rich flavors and high-quality olive oil that this acclaimed company is known for. It’s not just an olive oil gift; it’s a continuous exploration of taste and quality that enhances your cooking and eating experiences.

Embrace the convenience and joy of receiving hand-selected, premium olive oils without leaving your home. The subscription service from Texas Hill Country Olive Co. guarantees you’re always stocked with the finest oils for your kitchen, making it an essential choice for enthusiasts excited to elevate their culinary creations.


As you wander through the vibrant farmers markets, the aroma of fresh olives fills the air, guiding you to the perfect bottle of Texas Hill Country olive oil. Imagine drizzling it over your favorite dish, the flavors bursting to life.

Local retailers beckon with shelves lined with golden bottles, while online stores offer the convenience of doorstep delivery. Whether it’s a special event, a thoughtful corporate gift, or a monthly surprise through a subscription, the essence of Texas awaits in every drop.

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