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Poblano Eggs en Cocotte

My family is a big fan of shirred eggs, that is, eggs that are lightly baked in the oven where the whites are just set and you are left with a creamy yolk that is the perfect icing for a piece of toasted bread. The classic French dish œufs en cocotte is baked in a ramekin in a water bath and often has cooked mushrooms in the bottom that can be scooped up onto crusty French bread. But you can use your imagination with whatever “fillings” you want to place under the eggs. In this version we get creative with the cocotte, or cooking vessel, in the form of a roasted poblano chili to give this a more Texas flair. In this case feel free to serve it with salsa or pickled jalapeños for a perfect patio brunch.

4 poblano chilis (pick those that are somewhat wider and deeper rather than elongated)

6 tbs of a Mexican melting cheese such as queso asadero

4 to 8 eggs depending on size

4 tsps diced pickled jalapeños

Heavy cream

Salsa and extra pickled jalapeños

Crusty toast

Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

Wash the chilis and then coat lightly in canola oil. Roast them over the burner on your stove but only to barely cook them. You do not want to over roast the chilis as they will lose their structural integrity. Rinse them under running water to remove any burnt skin and dry them off. Carefully cut an opening in the top where the chili can rest like a small ramekin. Remove the seeds and inner white pith carefully.

Place 1 1/2 tbs of the melting cheese in the bottom of each chili with a 1/2 tsp of the pickled jalapeños. Carefully crack an egg into the top of the chili. Depending on the size of the eggs you might be able to include two. Pour a small amount of cream around the egg and dust with salt and pepper.

Carefully place the chilis in the oven and bake until the whites are just set and the yolk remains creamy. Serve with salsa, extra jalapeños, and crusty toast.

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Dan McCoy