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Bun-less Wagyu Burger with Bok Choy, a Fried Egg, and Hamburger Vinaigrette

One of my favorite “salads” is a bun-less hamburger – made exactly the old fashioned way with cheese, pickles, and onions – but sans the bun. Since I always seem to be on a low carb diet, I make these quite often.

This recipe isn’t really about the burger which was made with wagyu trim that was turned into ground beef, or even the bok choy which I think makes a better lettuce wrap – read: it holds everything together better than traditional ice burg lettuce.

This is all about the dressing.

There is something very satisfying about ketchup and mustard on a burger, but putting these directly on a salad? Well, I’ve done it, but I think using them in a vinaigrette works way better.

This is ridiculously simple and goes great with a bun-less burger salad. The inspiration came from a fishing trip to the San Juan River many years ago with two of my great friends. Our fishing guide kept asking us if we wanted a turkey or ham sandwich and was quite angry when all of us wanted ham. He had solved the problem of having to choose by just putting turkey and ham on every sandwich.

Something similar happens here because both ketchup and mustard are in the dressing. You won’t have to choose.

1 shallot, finely minced

1 TBS yellow mustard

2 TBS white wine vinegar

3 TBS (or to taste) ketchup

6 TBS neutral oil (here I used safflower oil)

salt and pepper to taste

Mix all of the ingredients and whisk with a fork to make an emulsion. Spoon this over the bun-less burger salad. Feel free to reduce the ketchup if you want the dressing to be slightly less sweet.

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Dan McCoy